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Intangible Thread

By Iris Perovic

The official release of Intangible Thread is a bittersweet goodbye and a proud moment to end my time with KTV. Afters three years, two films, a station manager role and many more projects, it's safe to say that I learnt a lot. My first ever movie, "Sending to the Sea," was with KTV and after it received such a positive feedback, it encouraged me to create another movie. I went ambitious with a complex storyline, lots of characters, a dance sequence, an original music score and to top it off, I also act in it. It is an understatement to say that I challenged myself. This film would not have been possible if not for the support of my dearest friend, Bianka Hars. She and I together, with the best team we could have wished for, made it happen. Thank you so much Intangible Thread cast and crew, I love you all and I hope you will be proud of the film, Thank you to KTV for giving me the years of experience I will never forget.

-Iris Perovic

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