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Our Production Teams

Specialisations, Fields, Wide array of content, providing students with a multitude of opportunity. 

KTV Film

Want to work on set? KTV's Film Department is here to help you write, produce, and direct several films and showcase them at our publicized, award-winning festival at the end of the year. Join our crew and get ready to get behind the camera!


3...2...1 Action!

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KTV News

KTV News is back! We will be bringing you all things news on and off campus. We want to showcase a range of students, their exciting and important stories, as well as opening up the floor for you to discover your presenting talent. From live broadcast to TV packages, we want you to passionately explore every avenue of KTV News. 

KTV Graphics

KTV Graphics is where you get your juices flowing. From posters, to animations, to merch, you have absolutely no limitations. KTV Graphics supports the other departments as well as works on our own little projects where we would love to see you manifest your creative desires!

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KTV Sports & Ent

KTV’s Entertainment & Sports Department covers student life on campus and beyond! 
Across all of our platforms we offer podcasts, to comedy shows, society event coverage and celebrity interviews! As well as sports highlights and live coverage of Varsity. 
Pitch us your passion projects, Join our team and let our thousands of viewers watch your ideas come to life !

KTV Tech

Ever geeked out over the newest camera, fanciest gimbal, a REALLY nicely braided wire? Been lauded as 'genius tech god' by your mother for hooking up your laptop to the TV with a mere HDMI cable? Love tinkering with equipment that isn't the easiest to handle? This nerdy, geeky tech department welcomes you with open arms!

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KTV Editing

The final say on what a movie looks like, the glue that holds it all together, a directors best friend. Editing really is where the flourishes furnish film. If you want to work in any part of TV or Cinema, a firm understanding of what shines, and what hits the cutting room floor, and the process that separates them, is gonna help you get there. This is life, behind the people, behind the camera.

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